Curse of the Evil Genie

After rubbing the wrong piece of tableware, you find yourself trapped in a magic lamp by the curse of an evil genie. Your captor, Asmodeus, has imprisoned you for eternity, unless…you can figure out which ten of the “Tales of the Thousand and One Nights” are his favourite. Lift the curse and make a break for freedom or spend eternity collecting dust in a demon’s china cabinet!

Lost Jewel of Zanzibar

The year is 1930 and your former colleague, Magnus Ferguson, has sent you a distressing request to collect a hidden, mystical gem in the heart of Africa. Fleeing a powerful, bloodthirsty African warlord, he has left you clues on how to find the exotic treasure. Beat the warlord to the gem or suffer the wrath of his army!

Blackbeard's Brig

Held captive in the bow of the infamous pirate Blackbeard’s ship, you’ve been given an opportunity at freedom. He and his crew have gone ashore to pillage and plunder, so now it’s up to you to escape an undoubtedly watery grave in the depths of Davey Jones’s locker!


The Canadian Space Agency has enlisted your expertise to retrieve an invaluable 1966-GammaX probe that has been monitoring and collecting data in deep space for the past 50 years. The only problem is, the navigation system on the probe has malfunctioned and sent it on a crash course towards a giant wormhole. It is your duty to risk life and limb to regain the lost data before the high radiation fries the probe. This is one small but dangerous step for humankind!

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Perplexcity in Barrie provides you with the ultimate entertainment. Whether you enjoy the rush of escape rooms or classic board game fun! Plus we offer a Full Menu & Cafe. Come visit us and see the excitement for yourself!

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